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Afterschool Program

This Clinic brought to you by Stanford Park Youth Sports will challenge your students mentally and physically to help them become the best possible versions of themselves on and off the court. 60 minutes sessions led by our experienced coaches who not only played on the collegiate level but pursued their careers playing overseas. Our philosophy encourages kids to confidently and consistently work hard towards their goals and aspiration, not only at sports. We use a positive approach to encourage confidence, develop life skills, and promote team work. We understand the importance of patience, creativity, and fun to keep our students engaged & focused. We believe in developing the entire character, so off court development is just as important as on court development. We use sports as a tool to develop the entire child. Our goal is for kids to have success in school, college, and in life. No matter which stage your child is in their journey, we will motivate and guide them to elevate their game while understanding and applying the philosophy.

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