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Private 1on1

60 minutes intense private sessions led by our experienced coaches who not only played on the collegiate level but pursued their careers playing overseas. They will challenge your kid mentally and physically to help them become the best possible versions of themselves on and off the court. fielding, speed, arm strength, hitting for average and hitting for power are some of the vital pieces of ones game. We focus on strengthening/improving each aspect of your kids game to minimize any weakness in their overall arsenal. Lack of skill set hinders ones ability to showcase their full potential, and in terms diminishes their confidence. We believe working hard, smart, and often is the best medicine for overcoming any challenge.

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Why private coach?


One of the biggest benefits of a private coach, outside of athletic improvement, is his or her ability to help increase your child’s confidence. Most children lack confidence because they feel there is nothing particularly special about them; becoming a standout in their sport can change that and it will quickly become a point of pride for them. This feeling of pride and accomplishment can quickly crossover into all aspects of their life that may help cause a chain reaction that shifts their whole attitude for the better. This positive change of attitude can often lead to a better classroom work ethic as they now have experienced first hand that extra-work can lead to success and a feeling of accomplishment.

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